Baldur's Gate 3: Should You Obey Vlaakith? (2024)

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A big part of understanding the story of Baldur's Gate 3 is by visiting the Githyanki Creche. Whether you agree with Lae'zel's ideas or not, the location Creche Y'llek and Rosymorn Monastery carry some very interesting scenes.


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Visiting the Creche is a great way to proceed with Lae'zel's personal story, but it offers some insight into the artifact and other matters. The Githyanki are the ones who attacked your Nautiloid ship, after all. They have been trying to take down the Mind Flayers and the Absolute this whole time.

Updated February 14, 2024 by Sharnelle Earle: We have perked up this article to make the information more digestible for readers. This way, you can access the information you need much quicker. Speaking to Vlaakith is a huge turning point in Baldur's Gate 3 and for Lae'zel's personal questline. Understanding what choices you have and where they may lead is important and can shape the rest of the game and Lae'zel's future.

Should You Enter The Artifact?

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It is possible to miss this opportunity because, to do so, you have to give up the artifact. Most people think giving the artifact up to some bloodthirsty, rude people will not end well; therefore, they refuse to do so.

If you give the Githyanki captain the artifact, it will automatically come back to you because it is bound to you. No one can take it from you, so you are free to show it to others if you want.

After giving the captain the artifact, she will have you personally take it to the Inquisitor since it is bound to you and you alone.

The captain will unlock the magical barrier in her room and allow you to walk to the back of the Creche. Alternatively, you can kill the captain and then destroy the nearby crystal stone next to the barrier to progress.

When speaking with the Inquisitor, you can choose whether or not to hand him the artifact. Saying no will result in the Githyanki around you becoming hostile. After defeating them, Vlaakith will appear.

If you agree to give the artifact to the Inquisitor, Vlaakith will demand you kill your Guardian.

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It is important to note that Lae'zel will go against you and even try to kill you if you do not go with the Inquisitor and Vlaakith's orders.

If you visited Ghustil in the Infirmary before this event and allowed her to attempt to cure you or Lae'zel, you will then have the option to make Lae'zel stand down. After reminding Lae'zel that the cure did not work and almost killed her or you, she will follow whatever you say.

You can try to convince Lae'zel without going to the Infirmary first, but the DC will be very high.

You should enter the artifact because even if you do, you still do not have to do what Vlaakith or anyone else says, and you will get to meet your Guardian face-to-face.

If you do not obey Vlaakith, she will kill your entire party, and you must restart. You must at least pretend to go along with the orders.

Here are all the choices you can make.



Give the captain the artifact.

You will keep it regardless, as it is bound to you. She will lead you to the Inquisitor.

Do not give the captain the artifact.

She becomes hostile. Lae'zel will become hostile unless you convince her to stand down. Kill the Githyanki and open the magical barrier in the room by destroying the crystal stone.

Give the Inquisitor the artifact.

It is bound to you. Vlaakith will appear.

Do not give the Inquisitor the artifact.

The Githyanki around become hostile. You must convince Lae'zel to stand down, otherwise she will become hostile. Vlaakith appears once all enemies are dead.

Obey Vlaakith and enter the artifact.

You can still choose whether to kill your Guardian or not. You have the ability to then exit the artifact without doing as Vlaakith wished. Or you can attempt to kill your Guardian. Upon exiting, all Githyanki in the creche will be hostile.

Obey Vlaakith, but leave anyway.

Lae'zel will leave your party and become hostile. Every Githyanki in the building will try to kill you.

Disobey Vlaakith to her face.

Vlaakith will slaughter your entire party. Game over.

Should You Obey Vlaakith And Kill Your Guardian?

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There are two outcomes based on the choices you make here.



Kill your Guardian.

The Guardian cannot actually be killed. They will pretend it is possible in order to test your mettle. They will then be very disappointed in you but will not retaliate.

Spare your Guardian.

Your Guardian will be thankful. You must convince Lae'zel that it was the right thing to do through dialogue. If you cannot convince Lae'zel, she will become hostile.

Your Guardian cannot die. They will surrender to you to test your might. If you stab them with the sword, your Guardian will say "I really thought you wouldn't." They will then disappear and reappear healed.

Your Guardian is seemingly stronger than you can imagine, or perhaps this version of them is not real. Regardless, they will turn from trusting and caring for you to not wanting to talk to you at all. You have lost your Guardian's trust if you do this.

Your Guardian or Dream Visitor is an important part of the entire game and story. The Guardian is the only reason you are alive and not turning into a Mindflayer. Without them, you would be an Absolute cultist or, worse, a Mind Flayer.

In the same vein, your Guardian needs you to stay alive as well. Therefore, even if you break their trust, they still need you, and you still need them. Your relationship will be tarnished, which may come back to haunt you later.

Lae'zel initially wants you to kill the Guardian. You can easily convince her that this situation is not to be trusted, and she will go along with your plan.

How To Escape The Hostile Githyanki Creche

Once you exit the artifact, the entire creche will be hostile territory, making fast travel impossible. To fast travel out of the creche without fighting your way past hordes of Githyanki, seek the west treasure room.

There are two statues that can be moved, revealing a secret dungeon relating to the Blood of Lathander side quest. Inside this dungeon, you will be able to fast travel.

  • Use the party member with the highest Strength and Athletics to move the stuck statue.


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Baldur's Gate 3: Should You Obey Vlaakith? (2024)


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