Explore London - Stay with Ease at B&B HOTEL London Heathrow (2024)

Welcome to London Heathrow: the gateway to the cosmopolitan city of London

London Heathrow is one of the world's most important air traffic hubs with excellent connections to the centre of London. This makes the airport the perfect starting point for business travellers and short breaks to experience the fascination of a cosmopolitan city with countless cultural, historical and entertaining attractions. The B&B HOTEL London Heathrow close to the airport offers comfortable and affordable accommodation and is the ideal starting point for exploring this exciting metropolis.

B&B Hotels Heathrow - ideal for your stay in London

When you choose B&B HOTEL Heathrow for your stay in London, you'll benefit from quick access to international flights and a short journey time to the city centre. This combination of proximity to the airport and good transport links allows you to enjoy the benefits of the city of London while finding quiet and relaxing accommodation away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In addition, London Heathrow offers an exceptional shopping experience with high quality duty free offers and well-known designer brands. The diverse shopping options at the airport offer something for everyone - from luxury items to the latest electronics and traditional British products. For travellers who want to do some last-minute shopping before their flight, Heathrow is a true shopper's paradise.

London Heathrow: direct to the heart of London every 15 minutes

The transport links between Heathrow and London and the surrounding area are excellent. The Heathrow Express takes you to the centre of London in just 15 minutes. This non-stop service runs every 15 minutes from all terminals to Paddington station, where there are connections to the London Underground and the Elizabeth Line. The Piccadilly line of the London Underground connects Heathrow with the city centre in less than an hour.

The Underground serves Terminals 2/3, Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 every 10 minutes. The Elizabeth Line, London's newest rail line, takes you from the airport to the city centre in 45 minutes. For travellers arriving by car, Heathrow offers excellent access to the national motorway network. The airport's infrastructure is designed to ensure a seamless and convenient transition between different modes of transport, allowing travellers to reach their destination with minimal waiting times. Of course, you can also travel to and from the airport in comfort by taxi.

City of London for short breaks - experience the highlights

If you want to experience London, you can't miss Buckingham Palace. The official residence of the British monarchy in London is not only an impressive architectural masterpiece, but also a symbol of the British monarchy and its long history. The majestic splendour of the palace and its rich history attract visitors from all over the world. A train runs directly to the palace from London Heathrow Airport every 10 minutes, as does the Piccadilly Line of the London Underground.

Buckingham Palace has been at the centre of royal life in Britain for over 300 years and is a symbol of strength, tradition and Royal splendour. As the setting for Royal events and ceremonies, the palace has played a central role in British history and is a living testament to the cultural and political importance of the British monarchy. A visit to Buckingham Palace allows guests to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of British culture and history and experience the elegance and splendour of royal life.

This is followed by a visit to Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. Westminster Abbey, an impressive Gothic church, is famous for its royal ceremonies, such as the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 and the wedding of Lady Di and Charles, Prince of Wales, in 1981. The Tower of London, a fortress on the banks of the Thames, is known not only for its history as a royal residence and prison, but also for its colony of wild ravens, whose disappearance is said to spell the end of the British Empire. Both attractions are around 4.5 miles from Buckingham Palace. They are easy to reach by public transport, with the shortest journey time being around 15-20 minutes, depending on changeover times and traffic conditions.

The British Museum, with its impressive collection of artworks and artefacts from different eras and cultures, including the famous Rosetta Stone, is also highly recommended. Another highlight is the London Eye, a Ferris wheel on the south bank of the Thames. At a height of over 135 metres, the London Eye offers a breathtaking view of the city skyline and is a spectacular experience, especially at sunset or at night.

Public transport in London - travelling around the city without complications

A practical option are day passes, which allow unlimited journeys on the London Underground, buses, the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and London Overground trains. The Oyster Card is very popular and can be purchased at many stations and shops. Alternatively, visitors can also pay for their journeys conveniently and easily with a contactless payment card.

For a relaxed sightseeing tour of London, visitors can also consider the hop-on hop-off buses. These buses offer a flexible way to explore the city's main sights, as passengers can hop on and off at different stops to see the attractions. In addition, they often offer informative audio commentaries in several languages, providing interesting facts and stories about the sights visited. Popular hop-on hop-off bus companies in London include Big Bus Tours and The Original Tour, which offer different routes around the city and are a convenient and informative way to explore London.

Culinary London

When it comes to the culinary scene, London is known for its diverse range of food and drink. The predominant beer in London is traditionally ale, a top-fermented beer with a rich flavour and a long history. As for the most popular dish, it's hard to resist the allure of fish and chips, a classic dish of deep-fried fish and chips served in many of the city's pubs and restaurants.

Despite the occasional prejudice against English cuisine, London offers a wide range of gastronomic options that can easily compete with European standards. From Michelin-starred restaurants to cosy pavement cafés, there is something to suit every taste and budget.

Nature and relaxation near London

Although Heathrow is known worldwide for its airport, the surrounding area offers a surprising amount of greenery and nature. There are several parks and nature reserves close to the airport, offering a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of airport life. Towards London, places like the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew or Richmond Park offer idyllic landscapes and are ideal places for walks, picnics and wildlife spotting. They are oases of tranquillity and easy to reach from the airport.

In addition to the natural beauty of these parks, they also offer visitors numerous activities. Cycling, walking and birdwatching are just some of the ways to enjoy the nature around London and Heathrow. These areas are not only popular with tourists, but also with Londoners seeking relaxation and respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. They offer the perfect balance to London city life and are an unexpected gem close to one of the busiest airports in the world.

London: A shopper's paradise with endless variety

London, a city known for its unrivalled shopping variety, offers an almost endless choice of shopping opportunities, ranging from historic marketplaces to some of the world's most famous department stores. The metropolis beckons with a mix of traditional British products, avant-garde fashion and the latest trends in electronics. Whether you're looking for bespoke clothing on Savile Row, unique vintage finds in the markets of Camden or the latest luxury items in the shops of Oxford Street, London fulfils all desires. The city is a true shopper's paradise, catering for all tastes and budgets.


Explore London - Stay with Ease at B&B HOTEL London Heathrow (2)

Away from the main shopping streets, London offers a wealth of boutiques and independent shops known for their uniqueness and quality. From the King's Road in Chelsea, known for its exclusive fashion, to the creative and artistic offerings in Shoreditch, the shopping opportunities in London are as diverse as the city itself. Foodies can embark on a culinary journey of discovery in the numerous delicatessens and international supermarkets, while lovers of art and antiques will find what they are looking for in the galleries and antique shops in the Notting Hill neighbourhood. London offers an unrivalled shopping experience that reflects the vibrant energy and diversity of the city.

B&B HOTEL London Heathrow: comfort and convenience

With a total of 119 non-smoking rooms, the is an ideal retreat for travellers. The modern furnishings of the rooms with desk, wardrobe, LCD TV, tiled bathroom, air conditioning and free Wi-Fi ensure a comfortable stay.

The hotel is close to Heathrow Terminal 5 and offers a shuttle service to make travelling to and from the airport easier. The convenient location makes it easy to both explore the city of London and start the next stage of your journey.

Places of interest around London Heathrow

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew are a spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Site. The extensive green oasis offers an impressive variety of plants, historic glasshouses and unique art installations. Visitors can relax, learn and experience the wonders of nature up close.

Kew, Richmond, London, TW9 3AE.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park, known as London's largest royal park, is a nature reserve and a haven for wildlife, including the famous Richmond deer. With its extensive meadows and woodlands, the park offers ideal conditions for walks, cycle rides and picnics.

Richmond, London, TW10 5HS

Hampton Court Palace

The majestic Hampton Court Palace, once the residence of King Henry VIII, is a showpiece of Tudor architecture. Visitors can explore the magnificent rooms, view the impressive gardens and learn more about England's fascinating history.

Hampton Court Way, Molesey, East Molesey KT8 9AU

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world and offers a deep insight into Britain's royal history. The castle is famous for its magnificent architecture, its historic state rooms and its picturesque location in the town of Windsor.

Explore London - Stay with Ease at B&B HOTEL London Heathrow (2024)


What area of London is best for tourists to stay? ›

Best places to stay in London
  1. Soho. Once a cornucopia of sex shops and rock 'n' roll, Soho maintains pockets of hedonism, but overall is more family-friendly these days, with shops, restaurants and theatres in abundance. ...
  2. Richmond. ...
  3. Covent Garden. ...
  4. Shoreditch. ...
  5. Hampstead. ...
  6. Dalston. ...
  7. Peckham. ...
  8. Clerkenwell.
Feb 6, 2024

Is there a place to sleep inside Heathrow Airport? ›

Terminal 3 offers designated rest zones with sofas and lounges, making it an excellent option for sleeping. It is important to note that overnight, security may guide people to one central area, potentially affecting your sleep quality.

Which hotel can you walk to Heathrow Terminal 2? ›

The Hilton Garden Inn is the only hotel that is directly connected to terminal 2 at Heathrow making it fantastically convenient for flights from this popular UK airport. The hotel itself is a modern and chic affair with large, comfortable rooms and plenty of amenities to make your stay as relaxing as possible.

How far is the London Heathrow Marriott from airport? ›

Located 2 miles from Heathrow Airport, the London Heathrow Marriott offers a relaxing retreat for business and leisure travellers with onsite parking available.

What is the cheapest month to travel to London? ›

What is the cheapest time of year to visit London? The cheapest time of year to visit London is from November to March. This is when prices for hotels and flights are typically lower, but you'll need to deal with colder weather and more rain.

What is the best area to stay in London for first time visitors? ›

If you want to stay in the middle of all the action, stay in Covent Garden. It's touristy, sure, but the central location and great public transportation connections will make getting around London a breeze. Plus, it's full of great bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping.

Does the London airport have a hotel inside? ›

Aerotel London is located in Terminal 3, Arrivals Hall, and is within walking distance of Terminal 2 and Heathrow Express, making it easy for you to travel between all of Heathrow's terminals.

What is the sleeping box at the airport? ›

The sleeping pods is located at the International Wing and is accessible from the International Retail area. Transit Passengers can access our hotel after crossing the International Transfer desk followed by a security check. Maximum duration of stay is within 24 hours.

How much do Heathrow sleeping pods cost? ›

A: The pods are located in the First Lounge at London Heathrow Terminal 5. Q: How much do the sleeping pods cost? A: They cost £30 (about $40) for a 30-minute session, or £50 (about $66) for an hour-long session.

Which hotel is in walking distance to London Heathrow Airport? ›

Sofitel London Heathrow

The Sofitel Heathrow has direct access to Terminal 5 via a covered walkway.

Can you walk from the Hilton Heathrow to Terminal 2? ›

The hotel is connected to Terminal 2 by a covered walkway. You can walk there in less than 5 minutes.

What is the easiest hotel to get to from Heathrow Terminal 3? ›

The Hilton Garden Inn is the only hotel located within walking distance Heathrow T3. From the hotel you can walk to Terminal 3 via the underground walkway in around 10 minutes. What is the best hotel for Heathrow Terminal 3? The Hilton Garden Inn is one of the best hotels near Heathrow Terminal 3.

How much is an Uber from Heathrow to downtown London? ›

The average price for this trip is £49.

What is the easiest way to get from Heathrow to London? ›

The London Underground (aka 'the Tube') gets you from Heathrow to central London in under an hour, with trains running every 10 minutes. Heathrow has three underground stations, at Terminal 2/3 and at Terminal 4 and 5. Prices start from £5.50, making it one of the cheapest travel routes to London from Heathrow.

Does the London Heathrow Marriott have a shuttle? ›

There's no need to rush to the airport before your flight. Book the Park Here, Fly There package at London Heathrow Marriott Hotel! As part of this offer, enjoy all of our hotel's excellent amenities - and when it's time to leave for the airport, simply hop on the shuttle.

What is the best way to travel in London as a tourist? ›

Getting Around London - How to Get Around London for Tourists
  1. Public Transit in London. Far and away the best way to get around London – besides walking, of course! ...
  2. The London Underground. ...
  3. Double-Decker Buses. ...
  4. Walking around London. ...
  5. Biking around London. ...
  6. Taxis & Rideshares. ...
  7. Getting to London.

How long should a tourist stay in London? ›

For first time visitors, we recommend spending at least four or five days in London, which will give you enough time to get a feel for the city and see many of its main sites. With so much to do and see check out this article on how you can make the most of your time in London!

Is London a walkable city? ›

London is one of the world's most walkable cities, according to a study produced by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP). The study found that many London residents live within 100m of a car-free area, such as a square, park or pedestrian area.


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