How G2 continue to dominate / The KC Miracle (ft Jensen Goh) by The Best Damn League Show. (2024)

How G2 continue to dominate / The KC Miracle (ft Jensen Goh)Thorin is joined by Jensen Goh to discuss the LEC Summer regular season's conclusion, G2 and Fnatic heading into the Esports World Cup, the new-look KC finally making Playoffs, Rogue's disappointing year, LEC Playoff predictions, and more.Jul 04, 202459:23LEC teams need to make some changes... / Is SK back? (ft Yamato)Thorin is joined by Yamato to discuss week 3 of LEC Summer, Hylissang having possibly the weakest year of his career, whether or not SK is a razor cake, the highs and lows of Fnatic, KC's improved performance in this split, the status of MAD Lions, and more.Jun 27, 202401:34:11The fundamental problem with Fnatic (ft Keire)Thorin is joined by Keire to discuss week 2 of LEC Summer, Razork as the front-runner for MVP, Fnatic's biggest problem, Irrelevant potentially being "ELO Hell'd" in SK, why G2 isn't really in any danger, the loss of hype in the Heretics project, and more.Jun 20, 202401:30:60Is this the G2 down trend? (ft Memento)Thorin is joined by Jonas "Memento" Elmarghichi to discuss G2 opening the LEC Summer season with multiple losses, Fnatic's 3-0 start, the strong synergy between Elyoya and Alvaro, why KC's wins may not be indicative of future success, Vitality's struggles despite a decent looking roster, and more!Jun 13, 202401:16:01G2 had NO SLEEP before the Finals?! / Peter on Zwyroo (ft Peter Dun)Thorin is joined by Peter Dun, Head Coach for Team Heretics, to discuss the LEC Final of G2 vs Fnatic, the background behind Zwyroo replacing Perkz on team Heretics' lineup, the performances of BDS and Vitality, thoughts on the LEC teams' chances vs the LCK and LPL at MSI, and more!Apr 18, 202401:12:50The BIGGEST MISTAKE LEC GM's make / BDS's key strength (ft Memento)Thorin is joined by Jonas "Memento" Elmarghichi, former pro jungler, to discuss the LEC Playoffs, a crucial oversight that many LEC GM's are making, MAD Lions ADC Supa's claim that he's the best ADC in the LEC, Fnatic's firepower vs BDS's strength in coaching, why G2 will be repeat champions, and more.Apr 11, 202401:30:24PANIC at BDS? / LEC GM's ON NOTICE - The Best Damn League Show. ft IWDominateThorin is joined by IWDominate to discuss the ongoing LEC Playoffs, G2 vs Fnatic, Heretics vs SK, Vitality vs BDS, GiantX vs MAD Lions, the mismatched teams in the LEC caused by poor GM'ing, and more.Apr 04, 202401:12:32Why KC FAILED AGAIN / Cause for concern at G2?Thorin is joined by Zaboutine to preview the LEC Playoffs, discuss why KC failed again + what may happen to Bo in the offseason, analyze G2's defeats in the week 3, and more.Mar 28, 202401:41:08DOUBLE DOSE OF DRAMA at Heretics / LEC Spring 2024 Preview (ft Nymaera)Thorin is joined by Alex "Nymaera" Hapgood to preview the LEC Spring Split. They discuss whether G2 can be challenged, changes at Heretics, why Karmine Corp is likely to improve now, MAD Lions' chances to have another strong split, and more.Mar 07, 202401:55:02WE WERE WRONG about MAD Lions / LEC Winter 2024 review (ft Zaboutine)Thorin is joined by Thomas "Zaboutine" Si-Hassen to revisit their LEC preseason power rankings, praise MAD Lions for achieving 2nd place despite low expectations at the start of the split, discuss what the future of Karmine Corp should look like, celebrate G2's lights out performance in the Playoffs, and more.Feb 22, 202402:18:30Dylan Falco's G2 MASTERCLASS / MDK vs FNC preview (ft Jensen Goh)Thorin is joined by Jensen Goh to preview the LEC Playoff matchup between Fnatic and MAD Lions KOI, take stock of the growth of BDS, discuss why G2 is considered the strongest team in the LEC, assess the teams that have been eliminated, and more.Feb 15, 202401:35:27Can Adam CARRY BDS over G2? / KC's MASSIVE MISTAKE (ft. IWDominate)Thorin is joined by IWDominate to discuss Karmine Corp benching Coach Yamato, the BDS vs G2 matchup, why Adam could be the linchpin in the series, other LEC Playoff matchups, unpleasant interactions with fans, and more.Feb 08, 202401:23:55Vitality have NO SHOT! / LEC Playoffs dark horses (ft Keire)Thorin is joined by Keire to preview the LEC Winter Playoffs, SK and Fnatic's chances as dark horse picks, G2 and BDS's statuses as the top 2 teams after the round robin, why this Vitality roster has no shot at winning the season, and more.Feb 01, 202401:29:11BDS 's BEST DAMN START / Don't underestimate Heretics! (ft Nymaera)Thorin is joined by Alex "Nymaera" Hapgood to discuss the electric live atmosphere at LEC, the slow start for Karmine Corp, BDS's undefeated start, the level of play in LEC, G2's early stumbles, and more.Jan 25, 202401:50:29Are Vitality and KC COOKED? / The Humanoid whisperer (ft. Jensen Goh)Thorin is joined by Jensen Goh to discuss week 1 of LEC winter, the role and impact of coaches in the LEC, the disappointing starts of Vitality and Karmine Corp, the potential for rising teams such as MAD Lions KOI and SK, and more.Jan 17, 202401:42:32LEC TEAM RANKINGS / Winter 2024 Preview (ft. Zaboutine)Thorin is joined by Thomas "Zaboutine" Si-Hassen to preview the 2024 LEC Winter Split. Each host gives their ranking list of every team in the league and discuss each team's strengths, shortcomings, and X factors.Jan 11, 202402:08:29G2 are the 2023 LEC Champions! / Future of the Fnatic rosterOn the season finale, Thorin and IWDominate break down G2's impressive victory over Fnatic, discuss Fnatic's potential offseason roster moves with Razork, critique the casting and opening ceremony for the Grand Finals, preview upcoming the Worlds Qualifying Series between BDS and Golden Guardians, and more.Sep 13, 202348:32Are G2 experimenting in LEC Season Finals? / MAD Lions cappedThorin and IWDominate react to the latest results in the LEC Season Finals and discuss MAD Lions' seeming mismatch of players, G2's draft choices, a recent statement from T1 Gumayusi about the state of ADC in LoL, and more.Sep 06, 202356:27LEC Season Finals begin / Peter Dun DISHES on Heretics (ft. Peter Dun)Thorin and IWDominate are joined by Peter Dun, the head coach for Team Heretics, to discuss the opening matches of the LEC Season Finals, reflect on the first year of Team Heretics in the LEC, ponder the level of play from the EU Worlds teams, predict the West's chances at Worlds, and more!Aug 30, 202301:34:55How did LEC lose its hype?!? / G2 regain their crownThorin and IWDominate react to G2's victory over Excel in the Summer Finals, discuss some of the problems with the new LEC format, brainstorm ways to improve the format in the future, reminisce on Mikyx's year so far, and more!Aug 02, 202301:15:42G2 edges out Excel / Can Fnatic reach the Summer Finals?Thorin and IWDominate react to G2's close win over Excel, preview the upcoming playoff match between Fnatic and Heretics, discuss the state of the MAD Lions, revisit the points made by Heretics' coach SeeEl on the LEC format, and more!Jul 26, 202355:11Is this the WEAKEST YEAR of LEC? / G2 look unstoppable!Thorin and IWDominate react to the LEC Group Stage results, discuss the epic downfall of Fnatic, decide whether any of the remaining teams can stand up to G2, address the lackluster level of play this year in LEC, and more!Jul 19, 202301:12:32LEC Summer Group Stage preview / Rekkles REJECTED KOI?!?Thorin and IWDominate preview the LEC Summer 2023 Group Stage matchups, discuss why Rekkles almost went to KOI this split, share fun stories about T1 and Team Liquid, and more!Jul 12, 202301:06:12The upside to Evi / Vitality vanquished! (ft SeeEl)Thorin and IWDominate are joined by Christopher "SeeEl" Lee, the strategic coach for Team Heretics, to discuss the conclusion of the LEC summer season, the reasoning behind Evi being hired and remaining at Heretics, the unfortunate performances of Vitality, differences in team and player culture across NA, EU, and Asia, and more!Jul 05, 202301:46:54Bo's throws / Players HATE the new format?!? / KOI flounderingThorin and IWDominate discuss why Noah is the early favorite for LEC MVP, KOI's struggle despite past success, Bo's suspect gameplay, thoughts on every LEC, and more!Jun 28, 202301:04:55Vitality's comm complications / Noah unleashed! (ft. YamatoCannon)Thorin and IWDominate are joined by Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi to discuss week 1 of the LEC Summer Split, the background of Vetheo's Kai'Sa, the chronic issue of Vitality's team communications, Fnatic's brilliant start with new ADC Noah, and more!Jun 21, 202301:50:44LEC Summer Split Preview / Who is the carry on G2?Thorin and IWDominate preview the LEC Summer Split of 2023, explain why G2 and Vitality are the teams to watch out for, share their final standing predictions, and more!Jun 14, 202301:17:12MAD Lions complete the MIRACLE RUN! / Vitality look lifelessThorin and IWDominate discuss the trilling conclusion to the LEC 2023 Spring Split, analyze the reasons why MAD Lions came out on top over BDS, review the options that are available to Vitality heading into summer, preview G2 and MAD Lions' chances at MSI, and more!Apr 27, 202301:25:19Is nuc the best mid this split? / G2 enters the LEC gauntlet!Thorin and IWDominate discuss the end to Rekkles and Fnatic's Spring split, preview the lower bracket matchups between G2, MAD Lions, and Vitality, debate whether or not nuc is the real deal, and more!Apr 20, 202301:27:27Parallels between G2 and T1 / Bo is the real deal (ft Jensen Goh)Thorin and IWDominate are joined by Goh "Jensen" "Jensen Goh" Qian Sheng to discuss the continued winning streak of BDS, Vitality coming alive again in the Group Stage, whether Fnatic or Astralis can knock out the MAD Lions, and more!Apr 13, 202301:34:51G2's GREATEST STRENGTH / Crownie earns his credit!Thorin and IWDominate discuss the opening matchups to the LEC Spring Group Stage, whether Vitality will be able to rise up to their potential, why G2's team environment is perfect for Hans Sama's comeback, if a support player can truly be called the most valuable player, and more!Apr 06, 202301:35:51The reasons why BDS are #1 / Elyoya gets FIRED UP! (ft Duffman)Thorin and IWDominate are joined by analyst Christopher "Duffman" Duff to discuss thoughts on the end to the Spring Season, Jankos's strong play in spite of his team circ*mstances, reactions to MAD Lions' recent video showcasing Elyoya's hunger to win, and more!Mar 30, 202301:56:18Are Vitality ready for MSI? / What's next for Vetheo?Thorin and IWDominate discuss the prospect of Photon and Vitality representing the LEC at MSI, use arguments from Doublelift and LS on how western teams should draft, make a surprising pick for where Vetheo should play next, share predictions for the final week of the Spring season, and more!Mar 23, 202301:47:39Is this Vitality's split? / Astralis gets WEIRD! (ft YamatoCannon)Thorin and IWDominate are joined by Vitconnect proclaimer Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi to discuss thoughts on Humanoid and Hylissang, what Yamato needs to see before putting Vitality on top of Europe, stroies about Yamato's time at Fnatic, and more!Mar 16, 202302:28:32Upset headed to Vitality! / G2 reclaim the LEC crownThorin and IWDominate discuss the LEC Winter Final between G2 and MAD Lions, Upset going to Vitality, the latest Rekkles drama, candidates for MVP of the Winter Season, and more!Mar 02, 202301:25:40Peter's plan for Heretics / G2 are on another level (ft Peter Dun)Peter Dun, Head Coach of Team Heretics, joins Thorin and IWDominate to discuss Dom's criticism of Heretics, preview the upcoming Playoff matches between SK, MAD Lions, KOI, and G2, give live reactions to breaking roster news from Astralis, and more!Feb 23, 202301:49:16Vitality's Bot Lane Blunders / Why LEC teams should band-aid NOWThorin and IWDominate react to the results of the LEC Group Stage, discuss the status of every team still in the running for a playoff spot, make predictions for the weekend's games, and more!Feb 16, 202301:36:39Fnatic FALLS FLAT! / Behind the scenes at BDS (feat. GrabbZ)Fabian "GrabbZ" Lohmann, former Head Coach of BDS, joins Thorin and IWDominate to discuss GrabbZ's history with BDS, the status of every team heading to the group stage, what went wrong with Excel and Fnatic, and more.Feb 09, 202302:08:21WHAT'S GOING WRONG at Excel?!? / G2 and Vitality go HEAD TO HEAD!NOTE: We are aware of the technical issues during the episode.Thorin and IWDominate discuss BDS's surprisingly strong performance, Excel's fall from grace, the matchup between top dogs Vitality and G2, and more!Feb 02, 202301:34:19Bo stocks ON THE RISE! / Rekkles's rocky returnThorin and IWDominate discuss their reactions to week 1 of LEC Winter 2023, Rekkles's unfortunate start to his comeback, the early dominance of G2, Vitality's comms, and more.Jan 26, 202301:29:41RANKING every LEC Winter 2023 team!Thorin and IWDominate discuss the new LEC format, thoughts on all of the teams heading into LEC Winter 2023, Bo's potential impact on Vitality, and more.Jan 19, 202301:43:07WHO'S THE TRUE LCS GOAT?On this special edition of The Best Damn League Show, Thorin and Dom discuss the accolades, history, and hype surrounding Bjergsen and Doublelift.Sep 19, 202202:27:23Rogue takes the cake!Thorin and Dom discuss the games between Rogue, Fnatic, and G2, Flakked and Targamas's effectiveness in the LEC Final, narratives about teams and players choking, caPs's split, and more.Sep 14, 202201:47:46Why Neon RESPECTS Fnatic / Breaking down the bot lane metaThorin, Dom, and Misfits ADC Neon discuss the upcoming LEC playoff games, the current meta, Neon's experience playing vs Fnatic, possible offseason roster moves, and more.Sep 07, 202201:41:19What the West NEEDS TO LEARN about Nami / Is G2 still the favorite?Thorin and Dom discuss the results of the most recent matches, the West's mistakes when piloting Lucian and Nami, Rogue's chances of defeating G2 this week, Fnatic's current trajectory, and more.Aug 31, 202201:43:45Summer Playoff Predictions / Can EXCEL upset FNATIC?Thorin and Dom are joined by Goh "Jensen" "Jensen Goh" Qian Sheng, the Coach for Maryville University. They discuss all 3 first round matchups, the potentials for multiple styles of play in the LEC, the confusing Playoffs seeding system, Vitality's downfall this season, and more.Aug 17, 202202:11:51MISFITS' winning formula / NISQY: the jungle whispererIn this week's episode, Thorin and Dom discuss Misfits' massive comeback into playoff contention, MAD Lions' recent performances, G2's status as potential playoff favorites, Fnatic's lack of identity, and more.Aug 11, 202201:37:45MAD Lions COMMAND respect! / Dom and Thorin's PLAYOFF PREDICTIONSIn this week's episode, Thorin and Dom discuss their thoughts and predictions for the summer playoffs, MAD Lions' resurgence to the top spot of the league, fan narratives around Vitality and Perkz, the fate of the current Fnatic roster, and more.Aug 03, 202201:47:32
How G2 continue to dominate / The KC Miracle (ft Jensen Goh) by The Best Damn League Show. (2024)


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