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Lae’zel is very brusque and often rude, but she is consistent and very focused on having your mutual parasites removed. This walkthrough will guide you through every step of her companion quest, allowing you to see her tale through to the end.


Lae’zel is a Githyanki Fighter. As a fighter, Lae’zel might be lacking in the personality department, but fighting is what she excels at, especially when she specializes into a Battle Master or Champion.


Lae'zel Companion and Romance Guides

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Recruiting Lae’zel

Lae’zel is one of your companions in the prologue aboard the Nautiloid. After the crash landing, she’s nowhere to be seen until you head north of the crash site. When you come across a pair of Tieflings, you’ll notice they’ve captured Lae’zel. There are numerous ways to handle the situation, so use whichever you think would be most effective in setting her free and keeping the Tieflings away from her. Once you’ve defeated them or sent them away, you can speak to Lae’zel and offer her a spot in your party.

Side Quests Involving Lae'zel

There are several quests that tie in with your companion's quest. These are the most important ones:

  • Free Lae'zel
  • Steal a Githyanki Egg
  • Save Hope

The Githyanki Warrior

Lae’zel’s quest is largely focused on curing your group of the parasites infecting you. From the start, she seeks to find a Githyanki Crèche where she believes you can be cleansed of the tadpole. Her initial lead is a Tiefling named Zorru, who can be found in the Druids’ Grove. Zevlor is the tiefling leader in the grove, spotted immediately when entering the grove, and asking him about Zorru will point you directly to him. Additionally, this will place a quest marker directly on his location, making him much easier to find.

After interrogating him (or asking nicely), you learn that he saw Githyanki to the northwest, near a mountain pass on the road to Baldur’s Gate. To reach this site, head west from the Druids’ Grove until you cross the stone bridge, then follow the perimeter of the village north and then west. You’ll start to approach a broken bridge, but you can jump across, then head west. When you come upon a fortification, you can enter to trigger a conversation between Lae’zel and other Gith. This may result in a battle, so a long rest or at least a short rest is advised.

While Lae’zel does not need to be in your party when you approach them, this is her quest, and you’ll have unique dialogue options if she’s present. The gith are searching for the artifact that Shadowheart has been carrying around. If you signal to Lae’zel to be truthful, or if you reveal the artifact to them, the gith will attack. There are only four of them, but they’re tough opponents, so use your strongest attacks and spells to survive. Two of the Gith have around 30 health, so it may be worth focusing on them to take them out of the fight before turning your attention to Gish For’reth and Sarth Baretha, the tougher combatants.

If you can successfully convince Lae’zel to play along with helping the other gith, they’ll move on without starting a fight. Either way, once the encounter is over, speak to Lae’zel to discuss your next moves; she’ll be angry about the gith’s behavior, but she is determined to find the creche in the mountain pass.

Heading west from where you met the gith will lead you to the mountain pass, but the game recommends you finish up your quests in the Wilderness, because time will pass, causing some quests to move on without you. You can also reach the mountain pass by heading southwest of the goblin camp; both exits lead to the same general area of the mountain pass.


In the Mountain Pass

Shortly after arriving at the mountain pass, Lae’zel will find marks that indicate a crèche is nearby, beneath the monastery to the northeast. Head in that direction to discover a cable car station, where you can interact with the wheel to bring the cable car up, provided you succeed on a strength check. If you fail, you can take the path to the north and to the east to arrive at the monastery as well.

Once you reach the monastery, you’ll come upon a scene with a couple of gith and gnomes. After the scene ends, you’ll have a pair of options for entering the monastery, since the front door cannot be lockpicked. The first is a series of ledges immediately to the west of the statue in front of the monastery. This path leads to the east side of the monastery.

The second path inside is through the broken windows just west of the monastery doors. This leads to a room full of drunk kobolds, which can be set ablaze with a fireball or two. Though they outnumber your party, they have very little health so they won’t put up much of a fight. Waiting in the first room with a Cloud of Daggers set up at the door leading to the other room can make short work of the kobolds as they rush into the damaging aura in an attempt to reach you.

Once inside, make your way to the room on the other side of the entrance doors. A lever nearby can open them for doors to make traversal easier. When you’re done exploring the monastery, head north of the statue and down the stairs to discover the Githyanki Creche.

The Creche

Upon entering the Creche, you’ll be stopped by several Gith, but you can talk your way through. Your first stop is the infirmary, located by taking a left at the intersection, and another left at the fork. Speak to the gith, Ghustil Stornugoss, inside to attempt the purification process; you can insist on being the first to try the machine, but Lae’zel would prefer if she was. It doesn’t matter too much, because the machine doesn’t work the way Lae’zel thinks it does. It’s meant to kill the subject and preserve their memory, so try to stop it as soon as you can, though it’ll explode on its own if you don’t.


How to Get to the Inquisitor Chamber

Lae’zel believes the machine was sabotaged, and would like to report this to the visiting Inquisitor. Head back to the intersection, heading east this time, and follow the walkway north to the captain’s quarters. When you arrive, speak to Kith’rak Therezzyn and show her the artefact. The rest of the interaction will result in her giving you access to the inquisitor’s chamber. Continue through the now open door to the north and follow the path to the next large room, where the inquisitor Ch’r’ai W’wargaz is waiting.

There will be plenty of drama in the upcoming interaction, but ultimately you’ll need to head to the astral plane inside the artefact and kill the dream visitor. It’s up to you whether you do it or not, but if you do try, you’ll fail. Upon leaving the astral plane, you’ll have to fight Ch’r’ai W’wargaz and the rest of the Gith. This is a tough fight, due to Ch’r’ai’s large health pool, but if you kill off his subordinates it’ll make it easier to outnumber him. You can speak to Lae’zel about everything that’s happened, which has shaken her faith in Queen Vlaakith.

Searching for the Truth

A subsequent long rest will play a scene with a gith visitor, Kith’rak Voss, who claims that he knows who’s inside the artefact, and that the person inside could bring down Queen Vlaakith and her empire. Agree to help him and he’ll ask that you meet him in Baldur’s Gate, where he knows someone that can free the person trapped inside.

At the end of Act 2, after the Shadow-cursed Lands, you’ll have to enter the artefact once again, to help your dream visitor fend off attacking Gith. In the process, you learn that the prism is holding not just the dream visitor, but Prince Orpheus as well, who was reported dead by Queen Vlaakith. His existence can bring down the queen, and speaking with Lae’zel will help to break her free from her devotion to Vlaakith, who has repeatedly proven to take advantage of Lae’zel and the githyanki. She is more dedicated than ever to meet with Kith’rak Voss at Sharess’ Caress in Baldur’s Gate.

Kith’rak Voss

Once you reach Wyrm’s Crossing, you can find Sharess’ Caress north of the South Span Checkpoint. Kith’rak Voss and Raphael are located on the third floor, in a room labeled the Devil’s Den. Raphael wants the crown worn by the elder brain, known as the Crown of Karsus, and he offers a tool that will allow you to free Prince Orpheus, the Orphic Hammer. If you need time to think about it, you can speak to Lae’zel for her opinion on the matter. She simply wants to free Orpheus no matter the cost, but if you refuse the deal, you can speak to Kith’rak Voss to plot another way of stealing the Orphic Hammer.

The Devil’s Fee

When you meet with him downstairs, he’ll suggest you break into Raphael’s House of Hope and steal the hammer. The House of Hope can be accessed by heading to The Devil’s Fee, north of the Lower City Central Wall Teleport Sigil.

Speak to Kelsik, the trader inside, to make a deal with her. With successful persuasion rolls, she will offer to show you how to enter the House of Hope for a price. It’s a steep 20k gold, but you can talk her down to 10k. Over the course of your journey you may have accumulated this amount naturally, but if you didn’t, you can get a quick 10k by taking on the quest Return Rakath’s Gold and pocketing the money. You can also sell off your unneeded armor and weapons.


Once you have the money, return to Helsik and give her the money in exchange for a pouch of materials and instructions on how to use them. This includes a diamond, infernal marble, and a coin of mammon, all of which can be lockpicked from the chests upstairs where the ritual needs to be performed. The other two items are a human skull and some incense. If you can get those items, you can save your money and follow our instructions for the ritual. You’ll know if you placed them correctly when they start to glow and can’t be moved.

  1. First, place the skull on the western point.
  1. Next, place the coin of Mammon on the next point to the right, if you’re standing in the center of the circle.
  1. Skip the next point, and place a diamond on the point after that. It’s the more northern point of the two facing almost directly east.
  1. The incense needs to go on the very next point, on the other point of the two on the east side.
  1. Finally, place the Infernal Marble in the center of the ritual circle.

The portal will automatically open when the marble is placed, granting you to access the House of Hope.


The House of Hope

When you enter the House of Hope, you’ll be in the foyer. North of you is the banquet hall, which you likely saw the first time Raphael introduced himself to you. To the west is the Archive, to the north is the Boudoir, and to the east is the Portal Room, which is how Raphael was able to follow you across your journey. Just north of the Portal Room is a balcony with a crumbling corner that allows you to hop across the rocky cliffs to enter the Boudoir which is initially inaccessible from the front door.

Inside, you’ll find a demon that looks like Raphael but is actually an incubus meant to impersonate him. If you sneak attack him, you can avoid his reinforcements for now, making the fight much simpler. Take the key off his body, then use the button beneath Raphael’s portrait on the northwest wall.

Inside, you’ll find a note from Raphael that gives you the passphrase you’ll need to retrieve the Orphic Hammer. To leave the room, use the lever by the glowing doorway to remove the barrier, then head to the west where you’ll find the Archives.

Once inside, you can speak with the Archivist and convince him you’re meant to be visiting. Otherwise the entire region will become hostile toward you. Whatever the case, grab the hammer (and perhaps the gauntlets and necklace on the far ends of the room) and leave the room. Your first stop should be the boudoir, because the restorative pool allows your party to essentially complete a long rest in an instant. Your spell slots, and class actions are all restored, so you can use your strongest spells and abilities in each fight, then return to the pool to heal. When you’ve cleared the way, head to the foyer to leave. If you promised to Save Hope, check the page for that side quest first. We recommend saving before you head to the foyer.

The Battle with Raphael

When you arrive in the foyer you can interact with the exit, but Raphael, Korilla and Yurgir will appear to block your way. You can convince Yurgir to join you with a very lucky persuasion roll, but Raphael will still summon many demons to help him fight. Additionally, you should devote some of your characters to destroying the four soul pillars in the corners of the room, because Raphael will be able to cast very powerful spells when they’re active.


Despite the demonic nature of your opponents, you should refrain from using Radiant damage on them, because it will be returned to you two-fold. If you saved Hope and convinced Yurgir to fight with you, the odds are much better, especially since Hope can Channel Divinity to heal everyone, and she has a charge of Divine Intervention. This spell can only be used one time in the whole game (per character that has the spell), but it can completely change the course of a losing battle. For this fight, we recommend keeping Hope safe near the back (since she cannot be revived when her HP hits 0) and using the mass heal/revive/rest effect of Divine Intervention to make a comeback. Since she doesn't join the party, this is the only opportunity to use her Divine Intervention.

This fight is still tough, so you may need to reload your save a few times, but your characters are very powerful by this point, and you'll have the chance to rest after this fight, so don't hold anything back. Once Raphael is dead you can leave the House of Hope. If Yurgir joined your side in the fight, and he survived, he'll pledge to help you when you need it most.

To the Sewers

Head down to the sewers, north of the guild's hideout, after you've rested to meet with Kith'rak Voss. He'll be accompanied by a red dragonborn that you may recognize as his dragon mount. Despite the Emperor's protests, Kith'rak Voss insists that Orpheus would set aside his disdain of the illithids to stop the Absolute. When you next visit the Astral Plane, you'll have a chance to break Orpheus free of his prison, but for now you need to wait for the opportunity to present itself.

The Astral Plane

This section of Lae'zel's quest will automatically present itself as you progress through the main quest. During a dire battle, the Emperor will whisk you away to safety in the Astral Plane. At this point you can free Orpheus from the prism, or allow the Emperor to assimilate him.

If you set Orpheus free, the Emperor will abandon you. When you fight the Elder Brain, he will fight against you. Orpheus will also offer to become the mind flayer if you refuse to do it. Kith'rak Voss and his gith will automatically join you after you return to the city. If you choose to transform, Lae'zel will likely return with Orpheus to free her people from Vlaakith.

If you allow the Emperor to kill and assimilate Orpheus, Lae'zel will likely abandon the party unless you succeed in a very difficult check. Even with a success, she vows to end her alliance with you as soon as the Elder Brain is dead. The Emperor will remain your ally, allowing you to control him throughout the final confrontation. True to her word, at the end of the battle, Lae'zel will depart to free her people from Vlaakith on her own.

Much like Gale's quest, Lae'zel's quest continues up until the very end of the game, with the conclusion being largely implied. As such, you don't gain any rewards for completing it, rather you gain different allies to summon in the final battle.

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