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Numerology Number 4: The Worker

The symbol of the number 4 is often a square. It represents hermeticism and the power to amplify one's abilities. In numerology, this number gives new meaning to the familiar forms and basic elements of life. People with the number 4 are oriented towards tedious work, routine, difficult tasks, methodicalness or an orderly system.

"Fours" are people who value conscientiousness and attachment to material things above all else. People with this vibration are often down-to-earth and they stand firmly on the ground, and behave practically and very responsibly. They can always be relied on because they are punctual, conscientious and honest.

People with the number 4 like to keep order around them, which leads to an extremely efficient organization of things. They always put things in their place, and above all, their own home is the most important thing for them. The haven for these people is the sphere in which they feel best.

Numerological "Fours" have to work hard all their lives to earn wealth. They criticize others for being wasteful, because they will think twice about the need for spending. A sensible approach to finances is also applied to other spheres of life.

In contacts with other people, they usually play a conservative approach, which does not make it easy to discuss. They often cut off the conversation with one sentence when they do not want to delve into topics that do not interest them. They are also delicate people who are easily offended, so when dealing with "Fours" it is worth choosing your words accordingly.

Numerological number 4 - lucky elements:

  • Celestial body: Saturn, Mercury
  • Precious stones: garnet, sapphire
  • Metal: uranium, lead
  • Zodiac sign: Virgo
  • Day of the week: Wednesday
  • Colors: green, brown
  • Numbers: 4, 6, 8

The Meaning of Number 4


The Character of the Number 4 in Numerology

In numerology, the number 4 is associated with Uranus, which has a direct connection to the Sun. The number 4 has a significant influence on people, bringing balance, perseverance, stubbornness, and vanity into their lives. They strive to be different from those around them, which often leads to arguments.

People with the number 4 have an interesting character. They will defend their point of view until victory or, possibly, defeat. They are not afraid to speak the truth, looking directly into the eyes. They are not afraid of the person's reaction or condemnation from loved ones and acquaintances. They are capable of open and obvious conflict. These people need calming down, which colors can bring into their lives.

Surround yourself with shades of blue, green, as well as silver or indigo.

Among the positive qualities, it is worth noting the ability to materialize their main plans. They stubbornly bring them to their logical conclusion. The owners of the number will become good performers, capable of working monotonously for a long time. Moreover, they will also bring innovations to their work.

In general, they are prone to creating something new, improving work processes. They see shortcomings (both their own and others') and help to correct them. They have a fairly well-developed intellect and curiosity.

To move up the career ladder, they need to maintain a proper level of professionalism, improve their education, be persistent in achieving their goals, and be observant.

These people are capable of experiencing strong affection only for one person, creating a couple. They are caring and sexual. They become wonderful parents, they feel what the child needs at the moment, they understand children well.

They do not particularly think about the need to find a partner for themselves. But when feelings for the opposite sex arise, they take it as a sign and become partners.

They love active work in various organizations related to religion, politics, or social life.

It rather symbolizes conservatism. That is, the owner of the number approaches the solution of problems, relying on known facts, and does not strive for innovations. The participation of such a person in a project always leads to success, which, however, does not mean that he will easily agree with the team members. Everyone will have to work hard to develop a common opinion.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Number 4 Personality:


  • High level of discipline
  • Endurance (moral and physical)
  • Devotion (to family and work)
  • Ability to bring order to everything a person is currently doing
  • Can be called upon to help sort out chaos in your life


  • Desire to control everything that happens around them
  • Conviction that it is impossible to deviate from the approved plan
  • The plan must be carried out despite all circ*mstances
  • Inability to act spontaneously or quickly change goals and directions

The Meaning of Destiny Number 4 in Numerology

The Meaning of Destiny Number 4 for Women:

For women, the financial situation of their partner is very important. However, this does not mean that they are materialistic, but rather that they are rational. They are very realistic, which is reflected in their outlook on life. A consistently high material status of their partner can create a foundation for the sustainable development of their personality. That's what it's all about.

Above all, they need to be guided by common sense in life. And a man is needed as a support, to create a reliable constancy. This is what gives a woman peace of mind.

Restraint and self-control have long become the calling card of intelligent women. And "fours" are also good at manipulating others. With a rather complex character, such ladies are prone to express dissatisfaction even over trifles.

The Meaning of Number 4 in Numerology for Men:

Men with the number 4 in their date of birth have a calm and patient character. They tend to plan everything, hate uncertainty, and do not allow themselves to play with the feelings of others. They express their opinions directly, which they expect from their surroundings. They strive for complete clarity in all aspects of life. They will look for the woman with whom they can live their whole life soul to soul. Perhaps the search will be long, but the inner qualities of the spouse must fully meet all requirements.

Such men will be good husbands. They are not inclined to seek adventures on the side. They are faithful spouses and excellent parents.

Not finding a woman who is close to them in spirit, such men may marry for convenience. The main thing for them is to realize their plans, in which the chosen lady will help them. They are not very romantic, not inclined to spontaneously invite a woman to a restaurant or bring a bouquet of roses.

Angel Number 4 Meaning

Doreen Virtue, in her book on angel numbers, describes the number 4 as a symbol of authority, security, and certain stereotypes. It is the foundation of everything and indicates the quality work of the individual. The number 4 encourages a person to take action and bring their ideas to fruition. It also provides the opportunity to gain knowledge.

It is important to pay attention to how the number 4 appears to you. If you see it often, it means that the angels are blessing you. They are nearby and ready to help. Such support can give you the inner strength to achieve your goals.

By showing you the number 4, the angels are letting you know that they are close and ready to help at any moment. Your goals are meant to be achieved.

If you see 44, it means that your connection with the angels is strong. It indicates the possibility of using it for your own good or for the good of others.

The number 444 repeated anywhere, including on the clock, indicates that you are on the right path. You should keep moving forward, and you will surely reach your destination.

4444 speaks of the support of angels in your life and work, and their observation of your actions. Most likely, you should talk to your guardian angel and ask for their inspiration and help.

Number of the name 4

It is often said that the number 4 is more associated with the masculine principle. However, women also possess all of its qualities to the same extent. They are hardy, principled, unflappable, and love a structured approach to work.

They also have a practical mindset and believe that everything in life is achieved through hard work and that rewards must be earned.

They have a holistic picture of the world and what is happening around them. Accordingly, they understand what needs to be done and when. On the one hand, everything they do is routine, but if you look at their whole life, you get the feeling of a constant, daily feat. This inspires great respect in others.

Number 4 Compatibility in Numerology with Other Numbers

Compatibility with the people around us is of great importance in everyone's life. This can be a work team, family, love relationships, etc. Numerology explains in detail the principles on which connections between people are built. Each person is individual, but compatibility has several basic rules.

Let's consider how the number 4 combines with other numbers in numerology:

  • With number 1: The union of two people with these numbers will be long and harmonious. This can be a joint business or family. They often have opposite meanings, which may be what brings their bearers together. One complements the other, helps them. Both are hardworking and strive for their goals. But the bearer of the number 1 is overly quick-tempered and active. The owner of the number 4 balances them out with their composure.
  • With number 2: The union can be strong, but after some time after meeting. At first, you need to get used to each other, go through difficulties. Relationships in a couple are better when the woman is a "four" and the man is a "two".
  • With number 3: Unfortunately, this union is very difficult to create due to the low compatibility of the partners. This is not only about marriage, but even friendship is unlikely to be possible for them. But a joint business is quite possible. The "three" will always help the "four" and give them the right advice.
  • With number 4: It is unlikely that two representatives of the number 4 will be able to achieve happiness in a relationship. Their compatibility is low, which, however, does not prevent them from getting along with each other. But without much happiness. But there is enough cruelty in this union.
  • With number 5: Here the compatibility is at the lowest level. They don't find anything interesting in each other. The "five" needs change, surprises. This is the meaning of their life. And the "fours" require stability and thoughtfulness from others. So this couple should say no to the union, even in business.
  • With number 6: The probability of a love union or even creating a family is very low. The reason lies in the love of freedom of the "sixes", their desire to choose partners depending on their mood. And this is a completely impossible situation for conservative "fours". They are more likely to be suited for a joint business. The methodical approach of the number 4 bearers is well compatible with the calm pace of work of the number 6 owners.
  • With number 7: These are completely different people, but opposites often attract, which can be said about the representatives of these numbers. The union between them is possible both in personal and business spheres. Calm home "fours" harmoniously get along with active carriers of the number 7. "Sevens" are generally able to find a common language with any number.
  • With number 8: This is an ideal union, thanks to common values and life positions. They are prudent, thrifty, and tend to be respectful of material goods. They have practically no romantic attitude towards their partner, they are not inclined to beautiful words, but they are extremely faithful.
  • With number 9: People with these numbers can create a strong family, but not a business union. The reason is their opposition. However, the "nines" can bring lightness of being and a sense of freedom into the life of the "fours". The bearers of the number 4 begin to communicate more, attend events. This allows them to develop faster and eventually bring career and financial benefits. The union of the owners of the numbers 4 and 9 will be the best among all options for creating a strong family.
Number 4 in Numerology - The Worker: Personality, Meaning and more | 12-Horoscope (2024)


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