Ontario County, Canandaigua officials offer updates after flooding. What to know (2024)

CANANDAIGUA, NY – Power was restored early Monday evening to many properties in the city and town of Canandaigua that were affected by flooding caused by a massive storm that dumped nearly 6 inches of rain in three hours Sunday.

About 60 of homes in the city remain without power as of 2 p.m. Tuesday because electric meters had to be removed due to flood damage, Ontario County officials said.

County and the City of Canandaigua officials provided a status update on Tuesday afternoon, with the overlying message that cooperation among various state, local and county municipalities will continue until cleanup is complete and power is restored for everyone.

Leaders from a variety of entities have been working together with local nonprofit partners, churches, and businesses to coordinate response efforts with all impacted jurisdictions under the leadership of the county.

“We cannot thank all those involved enough and want to express our appreciation and gratitude,” city officials said.

Steps for Canandaigua residents without power

City officials said those residents who do not have power should review the following options.

If water did not get to the panel box:

1. Obtain a certified electrical inspection. Once obtained, call Rochester Gas and Electric at 1-800-743-2110. City officials said the following electrical inspection companies are certified and accepted by RG&E: New York Electrical Inspection Agency, 585-436- 4460; and Commonwealth Electrical Inspection Agency, 585-624-2380.

2. Sign an RG&E waiver testifying that the water did not reach the panel box and that an inspection will occur within the next 30 days. Contact RG&E at 1-800-743-2110.

If water reached the panel box, it will need to be replaced and an electrical inspection will need to occur after replacement.

Any natural gas-related questions should be directed to NYSEG at 800-572-1111.

Drinking waterin Canandaigua

Town of Canandaigua Water Superintendent Jim Fletchersaiddrinking water remains safe for consumption.Thewater supply, which is purchased by the town of Canandaigua from the City of Canandaigua, meets all Department of Health requirements and it remains safe to drink,” Fletcher said.City Manager John Goodwinsaiddrinking water is treated safely and tested and monitored regularly.

“We have implemented measures to safeguard the drinking water supply, and it remains safe to drink,” Goodwin said.

Cleanup in Canandaigua

The removal of debris and damaged items from impacted homes remains a pressing need.

Ontario County is working to ensure the city has all of the resources necessary to provide for the timely and appropriate removal of all such materials from the neighborhoods affected by the flooding event.

Ontario County, Canandaigua officials offer updates after flooding. What to know (2)

The city will be collecting flood debris from impacted areas, primarily along the Sucker Brook corridor. By sorting and moving debris curbside, residents will be assisting in a speedier and less costly recovery.

City officials urge patience as flood debris collection may take some time.

Residents are asked to separate the debris to the best of their ability. Here are some sorting guidelines:

Electronics: These have components that may be dangerous. Some parts may be able to be recycled. Examples include televisions, computers, stereos, phones, and DVD/Blu-Ray players.

Appliances: Some have gases or other components that need special handling. Appliances are sometimes called “white goods,” for example refrigerators, washers and dryers, air conditioners, stoves, water heaters, dishwashers. Do not leave doors unsealed or unsecured.Any appliances or HVAC equipment that was submerged should be inspected by a qualified contractor prior to reuse.

Hazardous material: Waste with properties that make it potentially harmful to human health or the environment such as oils, batteries, pesticides, paints, cleaning supplies, and compressed gases.

Place large piles of tree limbs and branches at the curb as you normally would.

Construction material: Damaged components of buildings and structures like wood, glass, metal, roofing materials, tiles, carpeting, concrete, and equipment.

Household garbage: Almost all foodstuffs from a home will have spoiled without refrigeration.

Ontario County, Canandaigua officials offer updates after flooding. What to know (3)

Residents are urged to monitor the city’s website at https://www.canandaiguanewyork.gov/and social media pages for updated information on the removal of debris and waste.

Canandaigua Transfer Station hours

The town of Canandaigua Transfer Station will be open to residents for storm debris disposal, starting Wednesday, July 12.

Here are the hours:

- Wednesday, July 12, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

- Thursday, July 13, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

- Friday, July 14, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

- Saturday, July 15, 8 a.m. to noon

- Sunday, July 16, 8 a.m. to noon

Town residents are urged to use caution when entering the transfer station, as the area is an active site with employees assisting residents who have been displaced or impacted by the recent storm.

Follow the designated cones and be mindful of other vehicles when navigating the highway facility.

Town Supervisor Jared Simpson said the opening of the Transfer Station is a testament to the commitment to serving thecommunity in times of need.

“We understand the difficulties faced by our residents and hope that this service will provide them with some relief during the recovery process,” Simpson said.

The Transfer Station is located at Town Hall, 5440 state Routes 5 and 20 West.

Residents are encouraged to visit the town of Canandaigua website or contact 585-394-1120 for more information.

Canandaigua roads open for the most part

An encouraging piece of news is that there are no permanent road closures in the city or town of Canandaigua, although work remains.

Most of the damage sustained by the transportation network during the flooding event has been addressed or is currently being addressed, according to Ontario County Administrator Chris DeBolt.

Residents should expect periodic lane and/or road closures as crews continue to repair this damage as well as clean out ditches, catch basins and culverts.

DeBolt said these crews have been working tirelessly throughout this event and motorists are asked to slow down, give crews plenty of space and allow them to complete this critical work as safely as possible.

Residents also are urged to avoid the impacted sections of the city of Canandaigua – West Gibson Street, Chapel Street and other areas near Sucker Brook, for example -- as there will be various crews in the area in the coming days as cleanup and recovery operations continue.

Swimming in Canandaigua Lake

After results of water samples taken after the rainstorm, the town of Canandaiguaistemporarily closing both West Lake Road Schoolhouse and Onanda Park beaches until further notice.

Town officials said the test results indicated elevated levels of sediment debris, exceeding common standards, becauseof storm-related debris in Canandaigua Lake.Additional water sampling and testing will be conducted to ensure the water quality meets the necessary standards for recreational use, town officials said.

Onanda Park will remain open.Town officialswillnotify the public once both beaches are deemed safe and reopened for recreational use.

Beaches at Kershaw Park in the city and Deep Run Park had been closed, but the parks are open.

Numbers to callfor help

Anyone impacted by the flooding and in need of assistance should call the Ontario County dispatch non-emergency number at 585-394-4560. Any resident who is physically unable to remove flooding debris should also contact the non-emergency number for volunteer assistance.

Anyone experiencing an emergency should call 911.

Anyone who desires mental health services should call 988.

Residences that have had meters removed can reach out to RG&E at 1-800-743- 1701or visit rge.com for additional information on steps they need to take to address identified issues and get their power restored.

Ontario County, Canandaigua officials offer updates after flooding. What to know (2024)


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