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The Meaning of Number 4 in Numerology | Psychic Source (1)

Stable, Loyal, Trustworthy, Practical, Friendly, Strong, Endurance

Numerology Number 4 Meaning

In numerology, 4 has a masculine, earthy, deeply rooted energy. The meaning of 4 represents conscientiousness, strength, responsibility, and stability.

Its sacred geometry is a square, sturdy, solid and balanced. From a “square deal” to a “square meal,” the idea that life is best approached with “feet planted squarely on the ground” speaks to the values of stability and reliability that are the vibrational signature of a 4.

The shape of the number 4 is angular. There are no softening curves; this is not a number with creative vibrations but rather straight edges, clean lines and strength.

In astrology, the number 4 is related to the North Node rather a planet. Your North Node tells the story of your soul’s journey towards who you were meant to become. The fourth sign of the zodiac is Cancer, the crab, and the life-sustaining qualities that make Cancers so effective at creating a home also endow 4’s with this particular characteristic. Like its metaphoric crab, 4’s can appear to have a hard shell that serves to protect their soft interior, as they tend to worry about being a good provider, employee, etc.

There’s 4 energy in your numerology chart if any of your calculations reduce to 4, or you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month.

Symbolic Meaning of Number 4

The astrological symbol of the Earth is a circle held up by 4 corners, which speaks to the hard work that is the foundational vibration of a 4. The ancient Egyptians believed that Heaven was supported by 4 pillars rising out of the Earth, similar to the Mayan civilization’s belief that 4 beings held the skies aloft.

The 4th card of the Tarot is the Emperor card. The Emperor and his number 4 represent the classic provider, and both are associated with the sun. The Emperor’s masculine leadership style is stern but fair, and the number 4 symbolizes hard work, deference to authority, and high expectations. When this card or number appears in a reading, the message may be to put in the effort to achieve success to create a solid foundation for yourself and your loved ones. Reliability and trust are the message and meaning of 4 energy.

Spiritual Meaning of Number 4

The even-handed symmetry of 4 shows itself in nature’s four seasons and the moon’s four primary phases. In the Old Testament of the Bible, there were four rivers flowing into paradise from four corners of the Earth, and the authors of the New Testament were the 4 evangelists, who spread the message of Christianity after Jesus was nailed to a 4 point cross.

The spiritual meaning message emerging from this pragmatic number is to keep the faith and exercise equanimity and patience in the most trying of circ*mstances. While it is not a particularly spiritual number in any philosophical sense, the number four finds its higher purpose is in the “doing.”

Personality of Number 4

Those with the number 4 in their numerology tend to be traditionalists: people of the hard-working, thrifty, order-loving, socially conservative salt of the Earth type. This is a number builds solid foundations and creates the systems that enable other number vibrations to build upon. Some may see 4’s as a bit boring, but others appreciate their rock-solid dependability, knowing that they are exceptionally practical, extremely loyal, and trustworthy. While 4’s take pride in their accomplishments, they’re humble and don’t aspire to public recognition or financial reward beyond being a good provider. And while they are not particularly sociable, their dry sense of humor offers an unexpected glimpse below their serious exterior.

If you carry the vibration of a 4, you may tend to be stubborn and argumentative. A dislike or even fear of chaos is at the bottom of your issues around control and other’s may perceive you as a narrow mined “know it all.” Cultivating compassion and understanding will help you move past rigidity and into relationship.

Compatibility of Number 4

In relationship, you can frequently become wrapped up in your thoughts. You want your relationship to feel safe and secure and to make your partner happy. But you tend to over think it and making love may become a task instead of an expression. Try to get your emotions in check by chatting with an online psychic who can help you clear your mind.

In terms of compatibility, a 4 will vibrate most harmoniously with the numbers 1, 7 and 8. A 4 shares energetic traits with 1’s, who are pragmatic and determined, and 8’s, who are well organized and disciplined. Partnership with an 8 marries their big picture thinking with your practical focus on details. A 4 may also find a sense of balance with a 7, because while you both tend towards introversion, the number 7 brings in a rich, spiritual element which will keep you interested in their other worldly perspective.

Career Path of Number 4

Many career paths are available to detail oriented, administration-minded 4’s. Accounting, editing, engineering, business administration and teaching roles are all well-suited to the 4’s desire for order and organization. Because 4’s are comfortable operating within established institutions, they may gravitate towards civil service jobs, religious orders, and the military. If you’re seeking to make a career change, you’ll do best when interviewing on a Monday or Wednesday.

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